The Aegean Sea from Rafina – My home for a night

Today my trip is over. After 3 and a half weeks, I’m returning to my homeland. Over the course of my time here I’ve:

  • Personally met people from 11 different countries
  • Traversed 3 different continents
  • Traveled between Asia and Europe 13 times (Thanks Istanbul!) 
  • Learned phrases in Turkish and Arabic
  • Stayed in 6 different homes 
  • Flew on 9 flights
  • Visited 4 sites significant to Biblical and Church history
  • Heard countless stories of God at work
  • Lost my glasses
  • Purchased Contacts in Greece 
  • Almost missed 2 flights (arrived late to the airport) 
  • Lost my water bottle
  • Saw IKEA in 3 different countries 
  • Had dinner with Beduoins
  • Ate incredible food basically everywhere. (Avoided McDonald’s like the plague) 
  • Helped cook food for ~30-40 people twice. 
  • Thought the Turkish Passport control was going to put me into custody (they took a long time to look at my passport) 
  • Delivered clothes and gifts to friends and for refugees. 
  • Taught the Bible on a sailboat. 

I am blown away. When I try to take everything in, all I can come up with is that God the Father cared for me at every turn, his Son was with me in mind and heart, and his Spirit made this trip abundantly rich. 

Thank you for following this adventure with me. Your prayers and thought were so appreciated. 

See you soon! 

To be clear, I was not almost late for this flight just voluntarily late to board. Mostly to write this post.

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