30 Days of Prayer for Ramadan

A Panorama of Amman, Jordan
As I write this the local mosque in Jordan is giving a call to wake up at 3:45am.

Why you ask?

Yesterday marked the start of Ramadan, the 30 day fast in the Islamic faith. Right now people are waking up to get in food and water before the sun comes up. While the sun is up, Muslims, of which this country is comprised of nearly 98% will not eat or drink anything. I’m only here for a few days of Ramadan but the cultural significance of the holiday is striking. Public spaces and houses are decorated, drinking water in public is discouraged (in some cases illegal), and of course there are calls to prayer at 3:45 in the morning.
During the month of Ramadan, an organization has put together a prayer guide for Christians to pray for the Muslim world. Being here has sharpened my focus for the needs of the Muslim world to hear the gospel, and shown to me some of the work that God is doing among the people here. I am so excited to come back and share with you what I’ve seen and experienced here but I want to invite you to join me in prayer during the month of Ramadan for the Muslim believing world. You can visit 30daysprayer.org each day to see the guide or you can order the full PDF guide here – https://www.pray30days.org/order/

I will be flying back to the States this Wednesday and I look forward to seeing many of you soon!


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