Moving East

Since leaving the boat, life has moved fast. I’ve visited two cities, been through airport security more times than I want to take the time to count, and changed continents at least 10 times. 

Currently I am waiting to board a plane to visit another city, Amman Jordan. I’m moving east – Greece to Turkey to Jordan. 

Greece was an incredible experience. Turkey, a remarkable time. Amman? You have big shoes to fill. 

I plan to offer more reflections and share more stories later but for now here are some pictures from Greece and Turkey

Sails up! Had some good sailing during my time on the boat
Where class was held (and meals and snacks and studying) 
Sailing with students (From left to right: Joel, Liam, Julianne, Chelsea)
The White Tower of Thessaloniki
The main Orthodox church in Thessaloniki
Roman Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki
This inscription was found in a tunnel in Jerusalem. It was built during King Hezekiah’s reign to bring water to the city when it was being besieged by the Assyrians. (2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chronicles 32:3-4)
I don’t know what it says. Anyone know Sumerian?
The Hagia Sofia built in 6th century to be the greatest church in the world. For 900 years it was a church and for nearly 500 years it served as a mosque. Now it is a museum.

Hagia Sofia was my favorite sight that I visited. So much church history is in Istanbul.
The Blue Mosque – Got there as prayers were starting so only saw the outside.
Coffee is a big deal in Istanbul. Even bigger perhaps than in Chicago…
Selling stuff since 1461.

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